How to Deal with Geek Comedy FOMO During Fan Expo Canada 

By Velvet Wells

Fan Expo Canada is this weekend, and The Dandies will be performing geek comedy all weekend long! The Dandies will entertain you and the other fans of:

  • Star Trek (Friday 5:30pm)
  • Harry Potter (Saturday 5:30pm)
  • Supernatural (Sunday 3:30pm)

All the shows will be in Room 701A. Go check them out, laugh and take pictures to share!
While The Dandies will be performing geek comedy at Fan Expo Canada, I’m going to be missing it for the first time since we started performing at Canada’s largest geek convention.
I love performing our improvised episodes in each genre, so naturally, my fear of missing out is very real! #FOMO. Despite me (Velvet) being on an amazing adventure across the country without the rest of the Dandies, I need to do something to overcome the distance and feel connected in order to get over my FOMO.

Beating the geek comedy FOMO during Fan Expo Canada

1. Connecting directly with The Dandies

One of the best ways to beat FOMO for me is to still feel like part of the action. You can do that easily by following The Dandies’ Instagram! This year, different members of the troupe will be doing Instagram takeovers to show you the con through their eyes.

2. Dressing up in cosplay

If you can’t be at the con, you can still have geeky fun of your own. Another way I love to do that is by doing casual street cosplay. I used do this to subtly excite me on Holodeck Follies show days. During Fan Expo Canada, I’ll be bringing this cosplay back, theming each of my outfits to the geek comedy show the troupe is performing that day. If you do this too, tag us on social media (@improvdandies) and we may just feature your photo on our accounts!

3. Drinking a magical concoction

I am a big fan of tasty drinks, from blended cocktails to herbal teas to something strong enough to even impress a Klingon. If you’re having geek comedy FOMO, consider making a special drink for yourself themed to your favourite series. Don’t have an idea of what to make? You can get everything from Harry Potter teas to Romulan Ale recipes online!

4. Diving into the comic racks at a local comic store

Fan Expo is as much about community as anything else. If you cannot share in the community at the con, you can find it in other places, like a comic book store. For me, a comic store trip is special as it connects me with Zach (check out his vlogs to witness his passion for comics). I have heard great things about the mirror universe Picard miniseries as well as the comic version of Star Trek: Discovery, so maybe I’ll be picking one of these up this weekend!

5. Dabbling in dice and cards at a game cafe

Games are another great way to have fun and connect with fellow geeks. I love games. I play them on my phone, online, as well as board games in person with whoever is willing. At least one day of Fan Expo Canada, you will probably find me here.

6. Diva-ing it up at karaoke

The Dandies shows often include songs, especially when we’re performing at conventions. If you are missing geek comedy, time to conquer the FOMO with the ultimate song! For me, it might even be… that Star Trek theme song.

One last way to beat the Fan Expo Canada geek comedy FOMO

7. Planning a geek comedy trip

Knowing fun events are already in the calendar is so important when it comes to beating FOMO. Even making this list made me feel it a little less. That’s why my last tip is to get tickets to an upcoming geek comedy event.
Looking for a geek comedy event to enjoy in Toronto? Book your tickets to The Dandies’ next Holodeck Follies show!