How to turn a trip to Star Trek improv into a full geeky night out in Toronto

By Danielle Cole

Every month, The Dandies do our Star Trek improv show at Comedy Bar. Want to build a whole geeky night out in Toronto around the show? Here are a few ideas to help you plan!

What to do before or after Star Trek improv for a full geeky night out in Toronto

1. Relax at a geek bar or restaurant

One of the easiest ways to build a full geeky night out in Toronto around Star Trek improv is to go to one of the city’s many themed bars or restaurants before or after the show. There are all kinds of geeky options from Stormcrow to The Lockhart to See-Scape. Even The Gladstone has some geeky theme nights you may want to take a look at. Just make sure to double check if you need a reservation as most of these geeky hotspots fill up quickly on Saturday nights!

2. Play a game

Gaming spots aren’t new to Toronto, but they’re always fun. There are a series of board game cafes and video game bars around the city. More into tabletop? A number of the geeky bars in town offer tabletop sessions or have small rooms where you can run your own game for your friends. This way, you don’t have to worry about snacks or drinks, just having fun on your party’s latest adventure! When you’re done, you’ll be ready to kick back and watch from Star Trek improv.

3. Check out a geek party or event

There are a lot of geek themed parties and events that take place throughout the year. Some of these are hosted by certain bars, others are tied to conventions like FanExpo. Not sure what parties and events are going on? Search for “geeky parties in Toronto” or “geek events in Toronto” and you’ll always find something. If you want to make a whole day of geeky fun, pop by the Superhero Drag Brunch Presented by Glad Day Bookshop and Fan Expo Canada this Saturday morning then hit Holodeck Follies for some Star Trek improv fun in the evening!

4. Enjoy some old-school fun

If you want to relive your childhood and satisfy your inner geek, Toronto now makes that possible. There are all kinds of places that mash-up childhood activities – like mini-golf, bowling, or ping-pong – and geek culture. A great example of this is Par-tee Putt, which offers mini-golf courses that are themes with everything from Game of Thrones to ET to Jaws. Best of all… they’re open late, making them the perfect way to extend your geeky fun after seeing Holodeck Follies.

5. Create your own viewing party

This is a bit more of a night in aside from Holodeck Follies, but we still love it! We’ve also heard it’s a favourite amongst our audience members. They will either have a geeky marathon before or after coming to see our show. A lot of the time, the marathon is Star Trek based. Our audience members generally book their tickets for Holodeck Follies, curate a set of their favourite Star Trek episodes or whatever other geek series or movies they want to watch, and get some fun snacks and drinks. Instant geeky night with friends!

Is the geeky night out in Toronto you’re planning a date? Taking your significant other to some Star Trek improv and want other more ideas for romantic geeky plans? Check out our list of geeky date ideas!