Why summer is the perfect time for some Star Trek improv 

By Danielle Cole

Summer is always busy – there’s work to do, parties to go to, and events to check out. With everything going on, you want to make sure that anything you spend your precious summer time on is worth it. That’s why we want to share what makes Star Trek improv a perfect addition to your summer plans! 

Six reasons to see Star Trek improv in the summer 

1. It’s the right tone

It’s no coincidence that blockbuster comedy and action movies usually come out this time of year. We love having fun in the summer sun! We want to laugh and forget our everyday grind – even just for a little bit. And what better way to do that than geek comedy? Our Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies is the ideal way to leave the world behind for a couple of hours, adventuring through the universe as the crew of the USS Pelican cracks you up with their quick wits and zany antics and show enough heart to make you want to come back to see them month after month.  

2. It’s inclusive   

We can’t promise that other troupes’ geek comedy shows are inclusive, but we pride ourselves on our show being a welcoming place for everyone. We don’t allow discrimination of any kind at our shows and make sure all the comedy you see on our stage lives up to that. 

3. It’s perfect for any group or event 

We have all kinds of groups coming out to our shows to celebrate everything from bachelor parties to birthdays. And we love that! If you let us know what you’re celebrating, we can even feature your event or pay tribute to your guest of honour in the show. 

Want a more private party option? You can always book The Dandies for private Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supernatural, or Star Trek improv shows. We also do other shows by special request. If you have a private show for your event, we can even work the guest of honour into the improv, allowing them to live out their dream of, say, being in a Star Trek episode! 

4. It fits in with a larger night out 

Star Trek improv is a perfect evening out in and of itself (and makes an excellent date night idea!). But Holodeck Follies doesn’t have to be your only stop. With so many new geeky bar and restaurant options in Toronto now, it’s easy to plan a fully themed night out. We have lots of audience members who hit up a board game cafe before coming to the show or grabbing drinks somewhere like The Lockhart or Storm Crow Manor. If you’re looking for a less geek themed way to start or continue the night, there are lots of great places with patios within walking distance. You can enjoy the good weather while sipping a cocktail or having a meal. Plus Comedy Bar serves drinks and food during and after the show if you want to keep your night in a single spot. 

5. It’s the perfect place to embrace your passion with no judgement 

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room full of people who all love the same thing you do. Star Trek improv allows you to do just that! Everyone loves Star Trek, including our cast and crew. That’s why we can spoof the show. We know the universe – and we lovingly spoof it. 

Don’t worry if you’re going for a night out with a non-Star Trek fan though! We make sure there’s enough non-Star Trek specific jokes that everyone can enjoy the show. 

Ready for some Star Trek improv before the summer ends? You can catch Holodeck Follies at Comedy Bar August 10th at 8 PM!