Which of The Dandies’ fandom improv shows should I check out during my next convention trip?

by Danielle Cole

We understand how hard convention planning can be. You may only be able to go on one day. You may want to check out lots of events and panels. You may be juggling schedules with a whole group of your friends. No matter the reason, if you’ve got to decide which of The Dandies fandom improv shows to go see, this is the blog for you! 

Five tips to help you figure out which of The Dandies’ fandom improv shows is right for you

1. Find out what shows are being performed and when 

Before deciding which fandom improv show(s) you want to see, make sure you check out your options! The best way to do that is to look at the conference schedule. We suggest looking at the online version, if there is one. That version should have the most up-to-date schedule. Remember to check back in the lead-up to the event as there can be some last minute shifts in timing. 

2. Plan your schedule – even if you don’t follow it 

If you don’t have a plan, it’s hard to know what you want to see when. So plan! Just know that you may not want to follow it on the day. The Dandies usually have at least one show each day of a convention, making it easy to fit some fandom improv into your personal schedule. At the convention for more than one day? Come see more than one performance! We’ve got a range of shows and each of our fandom improv shows is different, so you’ll always see something new and fresh! 

3. Think about which source material you connect with most 

We have Star Trek improv, Harry Potter improv, Star Wars improv and more! Before deciding which Dandies’ shows to come to, think about which source material you connect with most. Have friends who haven’t seen or read the source material for the shows you want to go to? No problem! All our fandom improv shows are made to be enjoyed by everyone.

4. Consider when you’ll need a break

It’s easy to get the con blues, especially if you’re attending every day. Fight them by building breaks into your schedule. The best break? A fandom improv show, of course! You get a chance to sit, rest, and laugh. There’s nothing better to remind you how fun conventions can be. 

5. Don’t worry! 

Every fandom improv show is going to be a great time. There’s no wrong choice here. So don’t stress about your decision. Just come and have fun with us whenever you’re able to. 

Are The Dandies not performing fandom improv at your favourite con? Ask for us to be added to the line-up or get in touch to find out where we’ll be performing next!