Why I love Star Trek and Performing Star Trek Improv

For people who love Star Trek and Star Trek improv, this blog topic might be a no-brainer, but if you are waffling on coming to a show or making the commitment to watch any Star Trek series, this post is for you! 

Diversity of Star Trek

Whether it’s diversity in genders, sexuality, or of humans and species, Star Trek explores it all. The original series is known for having the first interracial kiss on television. Deep Space Nine featured a black captain and a kiss between two women. Voyager featured a female captain. Star Trek series imagine a future that is more inclusive. One of my favourite Deep Space Nine episodes, Melora, features a disabled woman who uses a wheelchair. Her room is anti-gravity because of her condition. At Holodeck Follies, we make diversity our mission and our Star Trek improv reflects that.

Focus on Science and Logic

As a kid, I was a big fan of the Legend of Zelda games, where you solve logic puzzles to move forward. Star Trek also used science and logic to “solve” the concept in the episode, whether it was a diplomatic puzzle or a murder mystery. In The Dandies’ Star Trek improv, we begin with the same premise, even if in improvising we may create some strange stories.


Exploring space and boldly going where no human has gone before makes Star Trek the best series and, honestly, helps with the escapism from Earth problems. Star Trek can invent innumerable species and planet types and scenarios all in the name of exploration. Space is vast so Star Trek could go on forever. It’s no wonder that the series has been loved for over 50 years. At Holodeck Follies, we love inventing new species and planets, especially with audience suggestions! Just like space, there’s no limit to the number of laughs with Star Trek comedy!

Star Trek is awesome

For all these reasons, Star Trek is my favourite series and why I love doing Star Trek improv. Everything still feels fresh even after 7 years of Holodeck Follies

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