Headed to a convention this summer? Fandom improv performer, Zach Mealia is here to help you pack your con bag! 

by Zach MeAlia

As a fandom improv performer, Zach knows the importance of a well-packed convention bag. Today, he’s here to share what he packs. This includes his general items, as well as his protective materials for any comic books he picks up. 

Fandom improv and beyond – what to pack for any convention 

Zach does have some fandom improv specific items he packs; but, beyond them, he has his gear for when he walks around the convention floor. His approach is to always be prepared. That way, he always stays comfortable, hydrated, and energetic, allowing him to enjoy his downtime at the convention.

From fandom improv performer to comic book hunter… 

When touring conventions, performing fandom improv, Zach uses a lot of his downtime to hunt the floor for comic books to add to his extensive collection. That’s why it’s so important to him to always have the right gear to protect any of his new purchases! In his video, Zach goes through what that protective gear is – and how he uses it. 

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