Why Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies is the perfect geeky night out


The Dandies monthly Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies is a top entertainment pick for for everyone from the Space Channel to Now Magazine. It has been named the perfect night out for geeks, but also a great time for non-geeks! Here are just a few of the reasons Holodeck Follies is such a favourite…

Why Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies is the ideal way to spend your Saturday night

1. It’s a welcoming environment

Here at The Dandies, we work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable at and included in our shows. We don’t include hateful or derogatory comments in our shows. If there are children attending any of our shows – at Comedy Bar or conventions, we keep things family friendly. Finally, we do everything we can to assist audience members who need accommodations.
Unfortunately, the venue for our monthly Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies isn’t wheelchair accessible; but, if you are looking to see The Dandies at an accessible venue, please email us for a list of upcoming shows!

2. There’s a story

The Dandies are all about longform improv. That means we don’t just do a funny scene set in space, then move onto something else. Instead, we improvise an entire spoof episode of our source material! That means, at Holodeck Follies, we create a forty-five minute to hour-long spoof Star Trek episode!

3. We honour the series – and playfully poke fun at them

We all love geek culture and the source material for every one of our shows. That is always conveyed to the audience through our shows, props, and costumes. We really do exist where cosplay and comedy collide! That’s why our shows feel like the perfect place to share your geeky passion.
At the same time, because we love the source materials, we’re able to playfully poke at them. We not only make jokes related to the plot, but we also make meta jokes about the source material or some of the funny things that happen within it.

4. It’s a good time

Holodeck Follies is fun! We always open with great variety acts before moving on to the main event – the improvised spoof Star Trek episode! While we have lots of fan-geared jokes, we also have enough non-Star Trek jokes to allow anyone to enjoy the show. So if you’re looking for an awesome, entertaining night out, Holodeck Follies is the place to be!

5. Comedy Bar has food and drinks you can enjoy during the show

While some venues don’t allow food or food and drinks inside the theatre, Comedy Bar does. That means you can sip your Romulan Ale or eat your Gagh during the show!
Want to check out some Star Trek improv? You can catch Holodeck Follies the second Saturday of every month at Comedy Bar!