Geek comedy performer, Andie Wells reveals her cosplay wish list

by Andie Wells

As head of costumes for the Dandies, I spend a lot of time sewing geek comedy costumes and cosplay. I absolutely love creating costumes and seeing them come to life on stage. I’ve had a cosplay wish list for years now and thought that I would share with you what cosplays I would love to create!

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Five cosplays I would love to create when I’m not performing geek comedy

1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Luna’s style is arguably the most distinctive in Hogwarts and, considering that the school has a uniform, that is quite the accomplishment. I’ve been on the lookout for spectrespecs for a while and all the dirigible plum jewelry! Probably my favourite outfit of hers is the lion head she wears to a quidditch game. I’ve always wanted to make that! I could also have a blast spoofing her character on stage in a geek comedy show.

2. Cher Horowitz from Clueless film 

I have watched and rewatched this movie so many times that it is impossible to keep track. I grew up basically wanting everything that Cher has in her remote controlled, computerized wardrobe. I even played a Clueless game where you had to match up outfits perfectly. My favourite Cher outfit is definitely her yellow plaid coordinating skirt and jacket set and whenever I am in a fabric store, I am on the lookout for a good match to that fabric. Spoiler alert: I might have found it recently so I will report back on that one. 😉 I would also have a blast improvising Clueless. And yes, I also watched the tv show.

3. Jean Grey from X-Men

Jean Grey has probably my favourite character arc in X-Men with the Dark Phoenix. I’ve always wanted to create her gold and red costume. I’m really excited to see her story in the next X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, coming out in June.

4. Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls

Mabel is basically the cutest character ever created. She’s wacky and loveable and has a kickass pig as a pet. Her love for knitting fun sweaters of all kinds is amazing! Probably my favourite look of hers is her light up sweater with her name on it.

5. Rose Quartz from Steven Universe

Closing out this wish list is Rose Quartz from the Crystal Gems. Her long pink ringlets would be tough to duplicate, but I’m up for a challenge. I would definitely have to make the shield and sword too… and maybe a little pink lion to carry around.

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