Zach takes a break from geek comedy to talk protecting your collections!

By Zach Mealia

Onstage, Zach Mealia may play some scattered geek comedy characters (we’re looking at you, Ensign Ensign Zach from Holodeck Follies!). But, offstage, Zach is a conscientious collector! That’s why he’s perfect Dandies to talk about how to protect your comic book, card, or coin collections!

A peek into Zach non-geek comedy life

As always in his videos, Zach shows off his world outside geek comedy. Zach shares his comic book, coin, and card collections. These epic collections began before Zach joined The Dandies, but have only been enhanced through years of conventions!

Where geek comedy and collecting combine

When performing geek comedy at a convention, Zach always has his collecting bag at the ready! Inside it is everything he needs to keep a new purchase safe, ensuring it doesn’t get bent or damaged on route back to Zach’s collection. Zach also goes over how he maintains his entire collection, covering everything from storage to the right kind of sleeves to have.

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