Five locations that would be perfect for a fandom improv show

By Josh Henderson

Fandom improv is all about imagination. Allowing my imagination to run wild includes thinking of all the places it would be fun to perform improv. Here are a few of the places I’d love to see a fandom improv show…

Five locations that would be ideal for a fandom improv show

Enterprise E

To be honest, any Enterprise would be an amazing place to perform fandom improv on. The only problem would be what show to perform. If The Dandies did Holodeck Follies, someone’s character is sure to stage a takeover, break the Prime Directive, or blow up the ship… so performance in the brig?


Since so few people know about the TARDIS, it would be a very small fandom improv show. Who wouldn’t want to perform there though? Being inside would, of course, end up leading to an adventure with The Doctor, but I think The Dandies would be more than okay with that.

The Time Tunnel

This one includes The Time Tunnel and anywhere it goes. That means The Dandies could hop through time, playing fandom improv shows around the world in the past, present, and future. It’s sort of like the ultimate tour. Along the way, we would just have to stop for Beaver Tails for Zach – and make sure we’re in a time period where Beaver Tails are the pastry, not an actual beaver’s tail.

The Heart of Gold

This would be my personal favourite place to perform fandom improv because of the blend of science and surrealist comedy. I think the way the ship works would fit with The Dandies shows, which also combine the serious and the silly. I also just love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy universe and would enjoy being able to live in it – even for a single show.

Mos Eisley cantina

There are a lot of place that would be interesting to see in the Star Wars universe, but not that many that would be good – or safe – to perform fandom improv at. The Mos Eisley cantina isn’t exactly safe either. It does have music, though, and an audience that might need a good laugh. Plus there might be a chance to hop on a rebel ship. The only problem is I think Danielle would get in a lot of trouble with the First Order for her Crylo Ben character in Death Star Follies!

We may not be able to perform at these places, but we can always visit them in the narratives of our fandom improv shows! Together, The Dandies get to spoof places we know and love – and have adventures to new ships and worlds of our own creation. Want to join the fun? Come check out The Dandies monthly Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies!