Tips for toy collecting from Star Wars improv performer, Zach Mealia

Star Wars improv is just one of Zach’s passions. He’s also an avid comic book and toy collector! Like all serious collectors, Zach has learned about the value of various toys. Today, he shares one of his biggest tips about how to tell an action figure’s value with the rest of us!

When he’s not performing Star Wars improv, Zach is dating action figures!

Age matters when it comes to toys. But how can you tell if an action figure is an old toy or if it’s a current remake of an old model? Zach is here to tell you! Using two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, he shows the perfect way to date action figures.

From Star Wars improv to Star Wars toys…

Zach loves Star Wars improv – and everything else Star Wars! He shares that love by showing his classic Star Wars toys. Of course, before he bought any of his Star Wars action figures, he dated them to ensure he wasn’t overpaying!

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