Ready for some Supernatural improv but don’t know the show? Check out these episodes!

By Danielle Cole

The Dandies are gearing up for our convention season! Last year, we premiered our latest show, a Supernatural spoof titled Hunter Follies at Fan Expo Canada. We got such a fantastic response, so we are bringing the Wayward sisters and their adventures back this year!

Want to catch some Supernatural improv this year but don’t know the TV series? Don’t worry, all our shows are made to be enjoyed by fans and non-fans alike! If you do want to check out a few episodes ahead of Hunter Follies though, here are a few we would suggest…

Five episodes that will give you a feel for Supernatural before you come to The Dandies’ Supernatural improv show, Hunter Follies

1. Pilot

If you want to know a bit about the TV series before coming to see The Dandies Supernatural improv, the pilot is the best place to start. This episode introduces you to the show’s lead characters: Dean, Sam… and the Impala. You’ll get a sense of the brothers’ life and dynamic, as well as learn about what hunting is and how it works.

2. The French Mistake

Supernatural loves a good meta-comedy episode – and this is one of the best. In the episode, Sam and Dean end up in a parallel universe where they are actors in a show called Supernatural. As you can probably guess, the entire thing becomes about the cast and crew making fun of themselves and each other! There are lots of layers of jokes, making “The French Mistake” a go-to episode for Supernatural fans and non-fans to enjoy together.

3. Lazarus Rising

“Lazarus Rising” is a bit of a restart episode, making it an easier one to jump into. Both Dean and Sam have been through major life – and death events, so there is a lot of emotion throughout. It is also the episode where the angels become even more involved in the show, a trend that only grows as the seasons go one.
Plus, the episode includes a key demon, Ruby and the angel Castiel makes his first appearance! As he becomes a huge character later on, it’s well-worth watching his introduction.

4. The Devil You Know

Not to give too much away, but Crowley – a demon turned evil powerhouse – is a major character in Supernatural. Of course, Hunter Follies features a spoof of him in Scowley, played by the one and only Velvet Wells!
Crowley is a fascinating character because his evil acts are balanced with these moments of vulnerability and emotionality. “The Devil You Know” shows both these sides, giving a good sense of the character. There is a lot going on in this episode though, so you may want to read up on the season’s plot before jumping in!

5. All Hell Breaks Loose

This two-parter sets up most of the plots that have happened since on Supernatural, which makes it a good episode to familiarize yourself with. It closes out the first real chapter of the show, which focused much of its attention on the Yellow-Eyed Demon, and starts the new phase of the series.
“All Hell Break Loose” is one of the best episodes in terms of seeing how far the Winchesters would go to save one another. While the brothers may bicker, this two-parter really captures their deep love for one another.

A bonus episode to check out before seeing The Dandies Supernatural improv

6. Abandon All Hope

This is one of my favourite episodes. I love how Supernatural can swing between comedic episodes, like “The French Connection” and dramatic episodes like this one. It may not have as much resonance if you don’t know mother/daughter hunters, Ellen and Jo well; but, if you watch a few of their big episodes, “Abandon All Hope…” will carry an emotional punch. You’ll also see the introduction of Crowley in this episode, helping you get a clearer sense of his arc.

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