Geek comedy and beyond: Jason Zinger counts down his top five geeky TV shows

The Dandies’ Musical Director, Jason Zinger loves a good geeky TV show. Today, he’s counting down some of his favourites. Geek comedy, geek drama, old shows, current shows… they’re all here! So grab your snack of choice and check these out!

Geek comedy performer, Jason Zinger’s favourite geeky TV show countdown

5. Doctor Who

I got in to Doctor Who pretty late and haven’t seen any of the “classic” stuff. I started with the Christopher Eccleston season, which – of course – leads to David Tennant as the Doctor and, after seeing that, I was hooked. It’s always fun to see where the Doctor will go next or how his world intertwines. Plus there’s plenty of geek comedy. And who doesn’t love a good Dalek episode…

4. Battlestar Galactica

I will admit I’m not a fan of how Starbuck’s storyline plays out in the last season; but, other than that, I love this show. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot; so, when that transfers into space, it scores big points with me. The mystery of not knowing the person beside you is actually a Cylon is terrifying. Battlestar Galactica is also close to our world for reasons like they use bullets instead of lasers even though they have space travel technology beyond our current capabilities. It makes the show more relatable as it hits closer to home.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I don’t know if I love this show because there’s four Turtles and I have three brothers or because the Turtles are all super awesome ninjas that can kick some Shredder butt. Maybe it’s the fact that they get to eat pizza all the time! No matter the reason, like many kids that grew up in the 80s, I love everything about these crime fighting Turtles.

2. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

It would be remiss of me to write a list of my favourite geeky shows and not include my top Star Trek series pick. While TNG got me in to Star Trek, I have to admit that Deep Space Nine is my favourite series. It was set on a space station that’s in ruins when the show starts. It’s darker and has more of an edge to it than the other series. There’s the constant duality that Sisko has between being a Starfleet officer and the Emissary. Plus there are plenty of interesting relationships, like Quark and Odo’s and Bashir and O’Brien’s.

1. X-Men

You know? The cartoon one from the 90s! I remember being a kid and every week this show would be the last of the list of Saturday morning cartoons my brothers and I watched. I loved seeing their adventures every week whether they were fighting the Sentinels, Magneto, or whoever the villain of the week was. I identified with characters like Wolverine and Gambit and, I admit, had a little childhood crush on Rogue. It’s tough to pick one absolute favourite geeky show; but, for me, X-Men has to take the cake.

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