8 high-tech gadgets to bring the Star Trek improv fun home with you

By Josh Henderson

The Dandies Star Trek improv show, Holodeck Follies, is always a good time. The only issue is that each show makes me wish I could live in the Star Trek universe even more. Luckily, there are products available now that feel like they are straight out of Star Trek – or Holodeck Follies!

8 gadgets to help you bring The Dandies’ Star Trek improv fun home with you

1. Clocky – the runaway alarm clock


Clocky is a clock with wheels that scoots away when the alarm sounds. That way, it forces its owner to get out of bed and chase after it to turn it off. I love this because it makes me think of Star Trek improv characters running down the corridors, chasing after a robot! Plus, I’m sure my cat would love it.

2. Smart lights

As a cinematographer, I love lights and the moods they can create. Right now is an exciting time for anyone who’s passionate about lighting. There are all kinds of products available from smart lights to LED ceilings that you can paint on with light to Torn Lighting, which can make any wall in your home look like it has a tear in the space-time continuum.

3. Self-watering planters

Not only do these planters look like they came right out of the hydroponics lab from the Star Trek universe, but they also act like it. They manage everything from your plants’ water, light, and nutrients. As someone who even kills cacti, this is something I really need in my apartment!

4. The robot chef

Speaking of things I need… Moley is releasing a home robot chef! Well, home robot arms really. These robot arms have learned tips from master chefs around the world and will soon be available to cook for you in your own home. The future really is now!

5. Smart mirrors

Smart mirrors look like they were ripped straight out of a Star Trek episode. The mirror allows you to not just see yourself, but to use it as a touch screen. You can check your messages, send emails, or watch videos on it. You can even ditch the selfie, having your mirror take pictures of you instead!

6. 3D walls

3D walls don’t inherently have a Star Trek look, but like smart lighting, you can have more control over your environment. In fact, they can feature almost any type of design and come in a whole range of colours. With the right combination of colour and design, however, you can give any room in your house the alien ship treatment. I bet you could even re-create the inside of a Borg cube!

7. The robot lawn mower

We all know about the Roomba – which can definitely bring the feel of The Dandies’ Star Trek improv to your home, especially if you have a cat! The next Roomba-type sensation has already hit though… and it’s robot lawn mowers, cutely dubbed “mowbots”. A number of companies have offered mowbots, which range from fancy car looks to space age type designs. Don’t mix it and the Roomba up at your house though…

8. Home assistants

Home assistants are pretty close to the computer from Star Trek. In fact, the computer is actually what inspired Amazon’s Alexa! Now you have a whole range of home assistant options, like:

  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Apple HomePod

I’m more of an Alexa fan though… because it’s got all kinds of Star Trek responses and trivia!

A way to continue the Star Trek improv fun at home – no gadgets required

The Dandies Star Trek improv shows are all about having a great time. While gadgets can help create a Star Trek-esque setting, I’ve found the best way to continue the Star Trek improv fun is to share laughs and bond over geeky passions with friends.

Want more Star Trek improv in your life? Come celebrate the sixth anniversary of The Dandies at our next Holodeck Follies show!