Three fandom universes that my Star Trek improv character would fit perfectly into

By Andie Wells

Holodeck Follies is a long-running Star Trek improv show and, while the story is made up on the spot, our characters are ones that we play all the time. The Dandies get really attached to their characters and love playing them.

Introducing my Star Trek improv character – chief medical officer, Dr. Keela Tor

My Star Trek improv character, Dr. Tor, is a Trill humanoid without a symbiont. Dr. Tor is a very good Dr. Frankenstein character; she loves when the USS Pelican is about to enter battle or there is a threat to the crew leaving lots of body parts for her experimentation. Sometimes Dr. Tor is actually the threat to the ship’s crew; careful of your limbs if she gets bored! There is no clear explanation whether Dr. Tor’s love of murder and live experimentation is a result of not having a symbiont, but we can certainly make that assumption!

Three fandom universes Star Trek improv character, Dr. Tor would fit into well

Games of Thrones: Westeros

George RR Martin is famous for his grand death scenes and for killing favourite characters. Characters that seem to last are similar to Dr. Tor. They are willing to do some dirty work by killing people in their way and are also adaptable to the newest in power. Dr. Tor’s fun personality might seem a bit too rosy for Westeros, but her love of killing would fit right in.


I’d love to see Dr. Tor riding in the Impala with Sam and Dean Winchester. I can see her and Dean really connecting over fighting demons. Dr. Tor is definitely a great complement to the brothers. She has Dean’s dedication to hunting and Sam’s smarts, making her a good hunting partner and intellect who can puzzle out the mystery. She would also work so well with the demon crowd. Almost too well. Dean might have to hunt her instead!

Harry Potter and the maniac Doctor

The most unlikely pairing is Dr. Tor in the Harry Potter universe. Many would not be able to see how Dr. Tor’s personality would fit into this fandom universe.

However, Dr. Tor could easily be the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. These teachers often have the problem of being the bad guy and Dr. Tor would be a great bad guy helping He Who Should Not be Named get back to power.

The best fandom universe for Dr. Tor is definitely Star Trek and Holodeck Follies. There truly is no other place where I can have more fun with the character and her interactions with the other Holodeck Follies’ characters. The best part is getting to be silly with the other Dandies and hear the audience laugh at Dr. Tor’s character.

Dr. Tor isn’t the only one who could cross over into other universes. Recently, Chris Casselman took a weekend off Star Trek improv to return to LARPing for the first time in seventeen years! Curious about how it went? You can read all about it here!