Three collecting tips from nerd comedy performer and expert collector, Zach Mealia

Nerd comedy may be Zach Mealia’s first love, but he’s also a passionate collector of comic books, toys, and more.

Nerd comedy performer, Zach Mealia is a fountain of tips about collecting

Developing a passion for comics in grade school, Zach began his collection slowly. Later, he branched out into toys. Luckily, nerd comedy has taken Zach to a whole range of conventions, allowing him to hone his digging, haggling, and trading skills. Now, with over two decades of collecting experience, Zach’s a fountain of information – and loves sharing what he’s learned with others! That’s why, today, Zach is going through three of his top collecting tips.

Bringing a nerd comedy approach to collecting

In nerd comedy, especially geek improv, fun is encouraged. Zach brings this perspective to collecting too. He believes that collecting isn’t just about making money, it’s also a great way to:

  • Make new friends
  • Remember good memories, especially from your childhood
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Approaching your collecting this way allows you to have a great time – no matter what items’ values turn out to be down the road.

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