The Best Nerdy Dates in Toronto (Including a Touch of Geek Comedy!)

By Andie Wells

Ten years ago I met my husband and fellow Dandies member, Velvet Wells. When we first started talking, we connected through nerdy things like our mutual love of science fiction. Once we were dating, we began performing improv comedy together. We really wanted to combine it with our love of fandoms. Then, during a rewatching of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Velvet and I came up with the idea for the geek comedy show, Holodeck Follies – and The Dandies were born!

If you’re in a relationship or dating someone who loves nerdy things as much as we do, here are some great ideas for dates in Toronto…

Four of the best nerdy dates in Toronto, including a geek comedy option

The Lockhart

For Harry Potter fans, The Lockhart Cocktail Bar (affectionately dubbed The Lockhart) is the perfect place to connect with your inner witch or wizard. The bar has themed drinks and décor to match. On weekends, it even has brunch! Plus, there’s “free Muggle internet” for you to google some Harry Potter trivia to dazzle your date with.

Snakes and Lattes

If you’re nerdy, chances are you love games of all kinds – and what better place to play them than at Toronto’s favourite boardgame café? Snakes and Lattes has several locations around the city, each with a wide variety of tabletop games available. You can easily pass hours and hours playing to your heart’s content.

Tilt Arcade Bar

If tabletop games aren’t your thing, what about arcade games? Tilt Arcade Bar is so much fun and you don’t even need to hoard your quarters for it! For a small cover fee, you can play as many arcade games as you want all night long. They even have retro games! When you need a rest, take a break to enjoy Tilt’s delicious and nostalgic snack bar foods!

Holodeck Follies

Of course no list is complete without some geek comedy – in this case, the nerdiest improv show in town! Each Holodeck Follies show features a full-length spoof Star Trek episode that The Dandies make up in front of you.

The Dandies at Atomic Lollipop (2014) photo: Kenway Yu
The Dandies at Atomic Lollipop (2014) photo: Kenway Yu

Even if your date isn’t a Star Trek fan like you, they will love the show’s other nerdy humour. Afterwards, you can hang out with The Dandies at the Comedy Bar.

My advice to anyone who is about to start a relationship is to let your nerdy flag fly high. You might just meet someone who loves nerdy things as much as you!

Here at The Dandies, we’re all about proudly embracing what you love. One of the ways Velvet Wells does that is by bringing his passions and joy to our geek comedy shows!