Geek comedy performer, Zach Mealia talks all things toys

Winter is coming – so say weather people and Game of Thrones characters. Many of us need a happy place to help get us through those cold, snow months. For geek comedy performer, Zach Mealia, that happy place comes in the form of his toy collection.

Today, Zach takes a break from performing geek comedy to take us on a tour of that toy collection.

Actually, he’s taking us through the highlights. To go through everything would take hours as Zach’s collection spans multiple decades and types of toys. Two of his favourite sub-collections – both of which he shows off – are his McDonalds collectables and his Incredible Hulks. (I guess we know who he’s playing in any Marvel-based geek comedy show!)

Zach also makes it clear that loving him means loving his passion for geek comedy and toy collecting.

That’s because, for him, geek comedy and toy collecting are ways of connecting with people. He loves making new friends through performing, digging, and chatting about his passions.

If you want to connect with geek comedy performer, Zach Mealia, you can find him through The Dandies
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