Nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies’ Fan Expo Canada 2018 roundup

This past weekend, The Dandies took Fan Expo Canada 2018 by storm! In four days, we performed four shows, including old favourites and new additions. Couldn’t make it to the convention? We’ve put together a convention roundup of our nerd comedy shows – just for you!

The Dandies nerd comedy shows for Fan Expo Canada 2018

Holodeck Follies

The Dandies were honoured to once again open the convention with our Star Trek spoof, Holodeck Follies. We had a large crowd filled with Star Trek and nerd comedy fans. Who could ask for a better audience to kick off Fan Expo Canada 2018?

The show centred around the fact that crew members were going missing on the USS Hummingbird. The bridge crew had to come together to uncover the culprit behind the disappearances before the arrival of an envoy from Dameron 7.

(Spoiler alert: The lower deck crew had been turned into radishes. They should be okay though… in a year or seven.)

Death Star Follies

This year, we brought our Star Wars satire to Fan Expo’s Friday evening. It was great to share our passion for this fandom universe with our audience members – and to prove once-and-for-all that you can love both the Wars and the Treks!

Over the course of an hour, we followed a plucky band of rebels serving as the crew on John Yo-yo’s ship, the Minute Hawk. The team headed out on a dangerous retrieval mission armed only with the Force, their witty banter, and an air farmer bomb.

In the end, they save the galaxy from the Empire… Now who will save it from our heroes?

Hogwarts Follies

We made Saturday magical with another of our returning nerd comedy shows – the family-favourite Harry Potter spoof, Hogwarts Follies. Larry Otter and Harmony Grinder struggled to make it through the school year while dodging Rako Badploy’s attitude, Professor Several Snakes’ withering gaze, and He Who Shall Not Be Smelled!

In the end, Larry and Harmony survived test, Quidditch matches, and pun-offs to make it to the holiday break… And Professor Several Snakes survived his first foray into life with a Fitbit.

Hunter Follies

Sunday was certainly fun day at Fan Expo Canada 2018. Why? Because we launched our newest nerd comedy show, Hunter Follies – based on the hit series, Supernatural.

Audience delighted in watching Deana and Samantha Wayward investigate the disappearances of several security guards at Fan Expo. Of course, it turned out that Scowley, the King of Hell, was behind everything. That didn’t stop the Wayward sisters though! With the help of fan’s favourite angel, Pastille; a good, old-fashioned ritual; and a lot of Rudy’s demon blood, the sisters were able to make the convention safe once more.

The Dandies - Hunter Follies premiered at Fan Expo Canada 2018
The Dandies – Hunter Follies premiered at Fan Expo Canada 2018

Thank-you to everyone who came to see our nerd comedy show at Fan Expo Canada 2018!

We had a blast performing for you and can’t wait to bring our nerd comedy shows back next year!

If you can’t wait that long, you can catch us performing Hogwarts Follies at Blyth’s Festival of Wizardry at the end of September. In October, our monthly nerd comedy show, Holodeck Follies, returns to Comedy Bar.