How I prepare for Fan Expo Canada

By Velvet Wells

With Fan Expo Canada 2018 almost here, I’m starting my process to prepare for Canada’s largest experiential pop culture convention.

Preparing for Fan Expo Canada as a fan

I get excited for Fan Expo Canada because I get to hang out with other passionate pop culture fans. My coworkers don’t rally around that flag, but they appreciate my increasing excitement as the countdown to Thursday, August 30th begins.

The schedule is posted, with revisions occuring daily as celebrity guests confirm or cancel. You know I’ve bookmarked the page in case of last minute changes during the weekend.

I’ve already made mental notes of some potential panels (William Shatner, Grey Delisle, Wallace Shawn) and the long lineups for each.

In addition to basking in the warm nostalgia and feelings of connection with the panelists, I love looking across panel audiences and taking in the different cosplayers. We are all present for that one moment, and differences of opinion about favourite fandoms wash away for a brief time.

Looking at my already pack Fan Expo Canada schedule, I know how important it is to stay hydrated, fed, and clean all weekend to avoid the dreaded “Confunk“!

Preparing for Fan Expo Canada as a geek improv performer

While I love attending Fan Expo Canada’s panels, the most important part of the weekend to me is entertaining conventioneers.

Before the weekend, I need to prepare my costumes. That means:

  • ensuring the pieces get any needed repairs from Andie Wells
  • organizing everything for easy access on performance day
  • remembering to bring the right pieces on the right day!

In addition to getting my costumes ready to go, I also get mentally prepared to jump into each show by binge watching the source material. With The Dandies performing spoofs of four fandom franchises, it’s important for me to brush up on all the references, characters, and iconic quotes!

My binge watching status report

  • I rewatch episodes of Star Trek (preferentially DS9 and VOY) every month, for our Holodeck Follies show. I will throw in some movie watching before convention time. Star Trek: Beyond is my favourite rewatch for the reboot crew.
  • Before Toronto ComiCon, I rewatched the Harry Potter movies. I watched them again at the beginning of the summer and I will give them another viewing this week in preparation for our Festival of Wizardry preview show
  • I’d watched Supernatural on cable television when it first aired, but I stopped watching cable tv many years ago. Now that the first twelve seasons of Supernatural are on Netflix, I have devoted time to hang out with the Winchester boys and their frenemy Crowley.
  • I’m happy that The Dandies are jumping into theStar Wars universe. People assume because I speak about Star Trek that I dislike Star Wars. In reality, I love the first three movies and most of the reboot material. Even if I’m not a fan of every new story or character though, I like that Disney is growing the franchise. Also, the diverse representation is spectacular!

The countdown to Fan Expo Canada 2018 is on!

I have a lot to do in a short ten days but I know I can make it!

“No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you gotta keep grinding.” (Dean, Supernatural, s11e15)

Let me know what you are excited to see and do this year at Fan Expo Canada.