Human gender relations as seen by nerd comedy character, Captain Rehoho Xerc

Everyone’s favourite nerd comedy Captain, Rehoho Xerc is back with the second installment of her seminal work – HUMANS: A 25 PART STUDY AND ESSAY SERIES! In this installment, Captain Xerc takes on the human gender divide.

Regular attendees at The Dandies’ nerd comedy show, Holodeck Follies know this is one of Captain Xerc’s favourite topics.

Have you wondered how a Klingon would see the rise of feminism? The suffragette movement? Human gender relationships in general? Well, Rehoho Xerc – Captain of the USS Hummingbird on The Dandies nerd comedy show, Holodeck Follies – wants to share her options with you.

Knowing that not everyone can make it to nerd comedy show, Holodeck Follies, Captain Xerc has decided to create a series of personal logs with her thoughts on all things human…


Part 2: The Gender Wars

In my many travels through the galaxy, never has an alien race confused me as much as the Human one. This essay looks to explore what I think is the root of most of humankind’s problems: the gender divide.

For some reason, humans, for most of their existence, did not see themselves as all being equal to one another. While, of course, there will always be differences based on social status, gender should never be used to choose who is superior. Some of earth’s oldest texts even spell out how and why the male of their species is meant to take charge of the entire planet. I speak of one of the Human God texts, The Bible. Had the Humans been smart they would have killed their Gods as the Klingons did. Having an overlord never did any culture any good.

For centuries, the male of the species ruled earth, cultures conquering other cultures, traveling across their vast oceans to explore. Enslaving some peoples, while wiping out others completely. It would appear that, by the late 18th century, many of the female half of the species had enough. Unfortunately, instead of honourably killing the males in power and restoring equality to earth in a timely fashion, the females looked to gain the “right to vote.”

Centuries later, the females found themselves no better off. It was only after the great plagues at the end of the 21st century, which killed off most of the male population of the planet, that the females were finally able to make the necessary changes in society that would finally lead to humans developing warp technology. Now humans for the most part have put their differences aside for the greater good, but need it have taken so long? LLAP RX

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