Saying Goodbye is Hard – Even in Nerd Comedy

Photo Credit to Josh Henderson

If you’ve been at a Dandies’ nerd comedy show in the last five years or so, you’ve probably seen Alan light-izer the stage up. From playing Guy Guyson in Holodeck Follies to being our webmaster behind the scenes, Alan has been key to every part of The Dandies. Recently, Alan decided to move to the Ottawa area to start a new chapter of his life.   

Alan’s many contributions to nerd comedy troupe The Dandies

It’s hard to outline how much Alan adds to The Dandies, but here are a few of his many contributions!

1. Thoughtfulness

Alan is the first one to hand out props before our nerd comedy shows – or to check if there’s anything anyone needs. Over the years, he’s hopped on the door, stepped in to host shows, and even taking over The Dandies website maintenance. Alan shows the same thoughtfulness in The Dandies nerd comedy shows, always thinking about how he can add to the story we are telling.

2. Unique characters

Guy Guyson may be forgettable on Holodeck Follies’ Hummingbird, but Alan – and his many fandom improv characters – are not. Guyson’s running gag of dying and being cloned is an audience favourite. Alan’s newer characters are also building followings of their own, with a notable standout being Hogwarts’ Follies, Almost Stumblemore.

3. Ideas

Alan is a fountain of ideas. He’s always coming up with new plans for both The Dandies and his gaming groups, which are one of his many passions. In fact, his ideas have even led to him planning and executing a season as Artistic Director for Epoch Toronto. While Alan’s latest new idea is leading him away from Toronto, we know it’ll soon be just as successful as his other endeavours!

A nerd comedy goodbye – at least, for now

Over this past weekend, The Dandies took some time out to say goodbye to Alan. Not only did he have a big send off party on Saturday, but we also had a troupe brunch on Sunday. While it was nice to have the chance to all spend time together – and to hear about what’s next for Alan, it was also hard to say goodbye.

Thankfully, Alan isn’t leaving The Dandies for good! While he’ll be taking a step back from The Dandies for the time being, he’ll still be returning as a special guest for various of our nerd comedy shows! We’re thrilled to still have a chance to play with Alan (although, of course, we wish he could still be just down the road and around the corner).

If you want to wish Alan well on his latest adventure, join us at our monthly nerd comedy show, Holodeck Follies on August 11th at Comedy Bar! And don’t forget to keep any eye on our social media so you know the next time Alan will be back!