Nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies’ resident collector, Zach Mealia shares his love of comic books

by Zach Mealia

Many members of the nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies collect something. But no one can hold a candle to Zach!

Why Zach is the ultimate collector in the nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies

While each member of the nerd comedy troupe, The Dandies has some kind of collection, Zach maintains a whole host of them, ranging from Disney products to old McDonalds toys to vintage tins. His favourite collection, though, is his comic books. In his video, Zach takes viewers on a tour through a brief sample of his vast collections, especially his comic book collection!

The reason comics hold a special place in this nerd comedy performer’s heart

In his video, Zach shares his love of comic books (which also helped lead him to nerd comedy) with viewers. He opens up about how comics changed his life and assisted him with one of the greatest challenges he faced in school. So if you want to get to know Zach or his collections better, make sure to check out his video, posted above!

Talking collections also means talking fandoms, which – in the case of nerd comedy performers – often means talking Star Wars! If you’re as much of a Star Wars’ fan as we are, make sure to read The Dandies’ media guru, Josh Henderson break down how cinematography has helped (or hindered) the various films!