Why I love fandom improv

by Danielle Cole


Since I was four, I have loved watching science fiction shows, but it took me until my twenties to discover fandom improv – and my love for it. Now, I love both watching and performing fandom improv. Here are three reasons why…

My top three reasons for loving fandom improv

1. It has an amazing community

Fandom improv is an inclusive space filled with warm, welcoming people. For example, take The Dandies. We’re not only a comedy troupe, but a little fandom improv family. We have our own inside jokes, hangout nights, and even a running Facebook thread to chat about all things geeky!

2. It lets me engage with my favourite worlds in new ways

As all you superfans know, there are a million ways to interact with your favourite universes (Lord of the Rings interactive map, anyone?). For me, fandom improv is an exciting way to interact with the universes I love, while also finding the humour in them. Because let’s face it, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery – poking loving fun is!

3. It allows me to combine my various loves

As an actor, screenwriter, and improvisor, I work in both scripted and improv comedy. Fandom improv allows me to combine my passion for this work with my love of fantasy and sci-fi. Plus, I get to do that with the other members of The Dandies, who I love! Does it get any better than that?

My favourite thing about fandom improv…

Fandom improv is fun – for us and our audiences! Whether a show is silly or poignant, each one brings unique joy to everyone in the room. That’s why we Dandies love getting onstage and performing fandom improv. Nothing beats the fun we and our audiences have together!

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