Updated: Five chances to see The Dandies at Fan Expo Canada (Aug 31 – Sept 3, 2017)

Two years ago, I got The Dandies into Fan Expo Canada with our improvised Star Trek parody – Holodeck Follies. I am happy to announce that in 2017, The Dandies will have five improv comedy show Canada’s largest pop culture convention!

I love fandoms beyond Star Trek and superheroes so I am happy The Dandies are able to expand our repetoire.

Check out our performance schedule, say hello in the halls, and have a great weekend!

Dale Wells
Artistic Director, The Dandies

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Schedule short link

The Dandies Schedule for Fan Expo Canada 2017

Star Trek Improv: Holodeck Follies by The Dandies (Thursday 8:00pm 701A)

Holodeck Follies

Holodeck Follies is a fast-paced improvised Star Trek show for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. This comedy show is for all ages and encourages full audience interaction – from the initial episode plot suggestion to group scenes and sound effects. Holodeck Follies is currently Canada’s only, and Toronto’s longest running, improvised Star Trek show. Laugh long and prosper!

Buffy The Improv Slayer – High Stakes Improv (Friday 1:00pm 701B)

Buffy High Stakes Improv

Vampires have moved to Toronto but after 20 years in Sunnydale, so has Buffy! Join The Dandies for an hour of Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired comedy made up on the spot! Help the Scooby Gang find the vampires, demons and maybe even love.

Doctor Who What Where? with The Dandies (Friday 5:30pm 701b)

Doctor Who What Where

Join Doctor Who and the Companions in a timey-wimey improvised story where they must defeat The Master, the Daleks, and even regeneration. Don’t worry, there is room in the TARDIS for everyone!

Tour Hogwarts School Of Improv Wizardry (Saturday 6:30pm 714B)

Improvised Hogwarts Tour

Let The Dandies take you on an improvised tour of the greatest wizarding school – Hogwarts. Experience life in each of the houses. Learn a new spell. But watch out for He Who Shall Not Be Named!

SuperFollies – The Dandies Live Improv Show (Sunday 2:00pm 701A)


How do superheroes unwind after a long day of justice? What happens when everyone’s powers are switched? Join The Dandies for an hour of comic book inspired comedy made up on the spot! Jump into an improv scene and save the day or be like your favourite villain. Superpowers are not required to participate! Fun for all ages!