It’s Time to Boldly Go Where We Haven’t Gone Before

It’s Holodeck Follies show day for The Dandies! You’ve seen the promo and know we will be at Comedy Bar, when most August weekends we would are Ujilli Chillin At The Lake (s5e7).

Holodeck Follies - Aug 11 8pm Comedy Bar - Spontaneous Star Trek I’ll deal with day job activities in a way that allows for surfing Star Trek news sites and repeat listening to the Star Trek franchise theme songs. In truth, it will be a typical Friday!

Yesterday someone pointed me to the Star Trek CBS Instagram account. Among other things, I found this cool character preview:

Voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green (coming to Fan Expo Canada!), I listened a few times and reflected.

The theme the writers are expressing, through the Michael Burnham character, are true on two levels:

  1. The characters will be put through trials (and tribbles) and tribulations. To survive they will need to push past fear, hate, and other (human) foibles.
  2. Fans will need to let go of their position as canon gatekeepers and give some trust back to the creators of Star Trek: Discovery.

Personally, I had a breakthrough in the direction I want to take my character. Tachyon Field will unleash more of his bold, dangerous passion for the Federation way of life… and be sillier. Starting tonight.

The past is gone. Create for the future. Laugh Long and Prosper in the present!

See you at Comedy Bar 8pm sharp!