Star Trek: Discovery 2nd trailer

CBS released a second Star Trek: Discovery teaser trailer as part of yesterday’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) panel. (Trailer at the end of this post.)

As with most shows in pre-production, some fans have cried foul before seeing anything tangible.

Hardcore fans were grumbling about the aesthetic, canon, and a myriad of other things that have changed since their beloved version of Star Trek was last seen. Most of these fans never embraced the new series of movies, so anything resembling modern film techniques and storytelling models will offend them.

Now that trailers, props, and character details are being released, their fires have been fueled.

How can Spock have a previously unspoken-about step-sister adopted sister? How come the technology looks so flashy? Why can’t they resurrect the old actors? Why Harry Mudd?

For those fans, the writers make it clear:

Change is the essential process of all existence, Commander Burnham.

The Dandies are curious too but we are not so staunchly set in our ways that we can’t enjoy the new adventures as they unfold.

This quote intrigued me the most:

(Read more panel quotes on the official CBS Star Trek: Discovery Twitter feed)

Is it code for decrying rampant racism? Corrupt police? Corrupt politics? The wrongness of treating Others like the enemy instead of a misunderstood potential ally?

Will the new franchise offer answers to the questions they raise, or like me, leave you asking more questions?

It may not be Star Trek’s duty to set international policy. It may be too much pressure to bear. But if technology advances (because of the show) are any indication, it might be okay to start nudging society harder.

In the immediate future, if the production team is able to pull off combining action and engaging morality tales on the small screen, then Star Trek will have returned to bold storytelling.

We’ll find out together on September 24.

This version of the trailer works in Canada:

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