Star Trek Discovery

CBS tweeted the Star Trek Discovery First Trailer today.

(It was released earlier this month but it wasn’t available to all regions and versions were actively pulled from YouTube.)

The initial season was extended to 15 episodes, from an original commission of 13 episodes, with at least six episodes already shot. (Deadline)

I’m not worried about continuity issues with the Original Series. (RedShirtsAlwaysDie) or the fact the Klingons are reimagined again (The DailyDot).

The trailer shows a new Federation race, new uniforms, and pretty space images. However, my excitement is not just for something new and shiny. Star Trek Discovery has the potential to retire and escape past problematic narrative traps. It has to use modern storytelling techniques and cultural perspectives to stay relevant. It could continue the strong Star Trek history of balancing action, adventure, and moral discovery that many of us crave.

As a footnote, I’m not worried about the alt-right trolls trying to claim there is no “safe space” for them in the new Star Trek. (The New Yorker). They are already enshrined in Star Trek — The Malon.

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