Have a Good Friday with The Dandies (Comedy Bar, April 14, 2017)

(Toronto, Ontario – for immediate release)
The Dandies return to Comedy Bar on Good Friday with the next spontaneously created Star Trek episode – Holodeck Follies (S5E3: His Gul Friday).

Friday, April 14, 2017, 8 p.m. sharp
with host Hisham Kelati (Joke Marmalade, Tight 5, Underground Comedy)
and Joshua Barbeau (“Sins of the Father” – live script reading of a new fan-written Star Trek episode)

Tickets: $15 at the door.
Comedy Bar – 945 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON (map)
Advance tickets ($10): Subscribe to our Patreon (no service fee) or through the Comedy Bar website ($1.25/ticket service fee).

“Holodeck Follies is one of the funniest shows in Toronto!” – Space Channel

The Dandies boldly go where no one has gone before: Holodeck Follies – Canada’s only Star Trek parody for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike! The Dandies improvise a new Star Trek episode based on audience suggestion and interaction.

For the non-Trekkies:

  • Update: Xave Ruth (comedy music) drops by in advance of his live taping on April 15
  • Daisy Players (LOL LOL Land Orlando Fringe sketch preview)
  • Gord Oxley (comedic music)

Tickets: $15 at the door.
Comedy Bar – 945 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON (map)
Advance tickets ($10): Subscribe to our Patreon (no service fee) or through the Comedy Bar website ($1.25/ticket service fee).

Holodeck Follies (S5E3: His Gul Friday)

Friday, April 14, 2017, 8 p.m. sharp

Even though they have encountered many enemies and overcome many obstacles, the crew of the USS Hummingbird (and USS Albatross before it) have not had to reconcile a character like Gul Dukat… Not yet, at least. Joining us is Dwayne Mailman as The Gul!

“They thought I was their enemy. They don’t know what it is to be my enemy, but they will.” – Gul Dukat

When thinking of Star Trek villains, casual fans might instantly recall Khan, but anyone who watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would know Gul Dukat as a superbly written villain. Played by Marc Alaimo, Dukat has a tumultuous story arc that deftly, singlehandedly, kept the Federation on its toes.

“Wacky, trippy good times with stand-up, sketch, music and improv in The Dandies’ Holodeck Follies.” – Cate McKim, life with more cowbell.com

Previous Show Recap

In case you missed the last few episodes…

March 17-19, 2017

We spent the weekend at 2017 Toronto ComiCon with three shows — two Star Trek episodes and one superhero set. The crowds were very engaged and readily joined into activities and songs.

Four things that happened:

  • We met a new species, the Triangulars, from an alternate reality, and helped broker peace between them and the Rectangulars.
  • Commander Hunter reconciled with his father.
  • Captain Rihoho Xerc lead her own Klingon-Vulcan wedding aboard the burned-out ship.
  • Ensign Zach may or may not be pregnant with multiple children.

February 10, 2017

The Dandies packed the Comedy Bar cabaret space again in February. Thanks again to Guled Abdi, Hisham Kelati, and Hoodo Hersi for raising the comedy bar as well as some eyebrows with your intersectional humour.

Captain Rihoho Xerc held a Valentine’s Day dance to learn more about nostalgic Earth traditions. The crew of the USS Hummingbird encountered a spectral entity that ended up being 9 of 10’s trapped child-spirit. The spirit forced Guyson out of hiding but eventually repatriated with 9 of 10 through some trick engineering and singing by Tachyon Field.

Laugh long and prosper!

USS Hummingbird Crew (The Dandies)

Chris Casselman, Danielle Cole, Alan Leightizer, Zach Mealia, Jamillah Ross, Dale & Andie Wells, Jason Zinger (musical director)

Web: improvdandies.com
Social Media: ImprovDandies (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

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