The Dandies prepare to Geek Hard!

The Dandies will be live on tomorrow night’s Geek Hard Show. Geek Hard is a wonderful weekly radio show run by Andrew Young and Mr. Green — these guys love to geek out as much as we do.

Update: Listen to the Geek Hard Show recording. Subscribe to their Patreon to hear the post-show conversation.

This Week’s Episode of Geek Hard (03-03-2017): Logan’s Trek w/ The Dandies

Geek HardDon’t miss this Friday’s Episode of Geek Hard where Andrew and Mr. Green will be geeking harder then they have all week! And they won’t be alone. Joining them in studio will be Jamillah Ross & Danielle Cole of The Dandies, a Toronto based, Star Trek themed improv troupe. Also joining us by phone will be Dale Wells, a good friend of the show and one of the founding members of The Dandies.

Friday at 7PM Eastern on

Listen as we talk Holodeck Follies, SuperFollies, conventions, and our views on the latest geek news. Exclusive: We’ll announce our 2017 Toronto Comicon schedule!