Trekkies: Holodeck Follies is ready for your Discovery – January 13, 2017 at Comedy Bar

(Toronto, Ontario – for immediate release)

Are you ready to make a new Star Trek discovery in your own backyard?

The Dandies confirm they will be ready to relaunch their next Star Trek mission in January 2017. Holodeck Follies, the monthly comedy production, is going into its fifth year. There are no scripts and no production delays but the show promises the occasional red shirt casualty.

Friday, January 13, 2017 8 p.m. sharp

Holodeck Follies 2017 season premiere
Comedy Bar (945 Bloor Street West)
Advance tickets ($10): Comedy Bar ($1.25/ticket service fee) or Patreon (no service fee).
Tickets at the box office on show night: $15

Each Star Trek inspired episode is created spontaneously on-the-spot, with quick-witted show references, puns, and songs. It is not canon of course, but after four years, audiences love watching the original characters weave their own tapestry. Audience input and interaction is encouraged but not mandatory to enjoy the show.

“Holodeck Follies is one of the funniest shows in Toronto!” – Space Channel

Holodeck Follies audiences are a fair representation of the Star Trek fandom. Deeply-devoted Star Trek fans (of a specific era or franchise) sit comfortably next to those who have only watched the occasional episode or movie and others who just want to laugh for the evening. It is a crowd with infinite diversity.

This past October, the Toronto-based troupe found success opening for William Shatner in Winnipeg at the Central Canada Comic Con.

“Holodeck Follies is more than just a comedy – it’s a skillful demonstration of that most difficult of comedic arts: the parody” – John K. Kirk

As with any long-running series, change is an important ingredient in audience engagement. The Dandies are making it so by adding two new troupe members:

  • Jamillah Ross (Kim’s Convenience) who will take the helm as the yet unnamed Captain of the new ship.
  • Danielle Cole (Scars) who will task the crew as 9 of 10, an exacting Science officer.

Both women create fun tour-de-force characters. They are ready to take the show in bold new directions with the rest of the troupe.

The monthly show is moving to Comedy Bar (945 Bloor Street West) to take advantage of the weekend crowd. The Dandies previously enjoyed a successful four year run at The Social Capital Theatre (154 Danforth Avenue) on the east side of Toronto.

Variety Performers

Host: comedian Hisham Kelati (Joke Marmalade, Tight 5, Underground Comedy)
Variety: Leslie Hudson with music from her 2016 albums, and comedians Northwest Passage (Kat Letwin / Simon McCamus)

Laugh long and prosper!

The Dandies are Chris Casselman, Danielle Cole, Alan Leightizer, Zach Mealia, Jamillah Ross, Dale & Andie Wells, Jason Zinger (musical director)

Social Media: ImprovDandies (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

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