The Dandies opened for William Shatner 

When we were booked to open for William Shatner at the Central Canada Comic Con (Winnipeg) last weekend, we didn’t imagine that we would get to sing him onto the stage. We hoped that we would get a chance to shake his hand and hang out… But to serenade him? The Dandies were set to stunned!

The video doesn’t show William Shatner singing our chorus as he walked up the aisle. Nor that he added a coda to the song. Double fisted chop to our hearts!

We shared a quick update at Holodeck Follies last week but if you are still keen to know, feel free to ask one of us in person about:

  • The time we saved the Federation from two Donald Trumps
  • The power move that Weazley Pincher patented
  • Enson Zach’s famous last stand
  • Our solo and group songs
  • The various Shatner handshakes
  • Our time running an exhibitor booth
  • Some of the cosplayers we saw walking around
  • The birthday party we were hired to play
  • Our show at After Dark Lounge with Rock, Paper, Cynic
  • Our celebration destinations in Winnipeg

Our adventure forged new bonds, deepened the troupe’s commitment to the show, and boldly took us where no Canadian Star Trek improv troupe has gone before!

You can find more pictures on Andie’s blog (she made all of our costumes) even more pictures in our Facebook page C4 album.

Thanks to C4, Dan Vadeboncoeur, The Wilcox family, After Dark Lounge, and Rock, Paper, Cynic for the experience.

Laugh Long and Prosper!