Holodeck Follies returns to Fan Expo Canada – Sept 1-4, 2016

The Dandies are excited to bring their fan favourite improvised Star Trek show to Canada’s largest fan convention.

fanexpo canada 2016 the dandies

Their 2015 appearance garnered cheers and laughter from the 300+ attendees. Trekkies and non-Trekkies were engaged in the interactive plot and even joined the chorus for an improvised song.

To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, the Toronto-based troupe will incorporate characters from all franchise shows and movies. It will be a spontaneous Star Trek episode never seen before or ever again!


Friday, September 2nd, 5:30 pm – 701B

Sunday as part of the giant Star Trek cosplay photoshoot

Thursday, September 1st, 8 pm – 701A with special guest PJ Phil!

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