Star Trek beyond our expectations

Congratulations to Simon Pegg, Doug Jung and Justin Lin for creating a movie that cleanses the palate from the last movie. Congratulations to the entire cast for creating one of the better Star Trek movies.

The movie was a good blend of story and action. The dudebros was minimal — each of the male leads had actual emotional moments that defined their motivations. The diversity was much better. The women weren’t sexual objects. The humour was well placed. The effects were cool. The explosions made sense!

There is a nice moment for Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy. Great references to previous movies. Action and morality play.

Do we have criticisms? Certainly. But we can discuss that in person.

It feels like this cast is finally ready to boldly go in a new direction.

Star Trek Beyond. Now playing across North America. We saw it at Imagine Cinemas in Toronto.