Post-celebration glow


We filled Social Capital Bar & Theatre last night to celebrate and fundraise for our C4/William Shatner announcement.

Thank you for supporting live entertainment and specifically my dreams for The Dandies.

Last night’s attendance and raffles brought us to an amazing 63% of our travel goal!*

I am grateful to know this varied group of entertainers and to have their support and encouragement.

Please follow them on social media and watch for them around town.

Also, thank you to

  • Justine for creating the tray of Risan Sunrise drinks for our VIP guests
  • Virginia Woodall for handling box office so I could stage manage;
  • Gord Oxley for juggling technical requirements for the acts and my rearranging the running order;
  • Carmine for running the post-show karaoke; and
  • Ralph and Carmine for the wonderful place to create our silly space stories

Our next shows:

The Sampler – Monday, July 11

Holodeck Follies – Wednesday, August 3

Raucous – Friday, August 12

Advance tickets are available from our Ticket Booth page.

Laugh Long and Prosper

* Our fwyc page is live for another few weeks if you would still like to contribute.