Help The Dandies Tour

The Dandies have been invited to perform Holodeck Follies at Central Canada ComiCon (C4) this Hallowe’en.

We will open for William Shatner, the Canadian who played the original Star Trek captain 50 years ago!

While the Federation is a post-scarcity society, we are not. Getting everyone to Winnipeg, using current technology, is more expensive than an improv show can cover alone.

Here are some ways you can show your support and help us take our away missions further abroad:

Make an electronic fund donation through Dandies Away Tour (on FWYC) and accept one of the perks or…

  • Buy a raffle ticket at the June 1st Holodeck Follies for the donated prize pack (Rainbow Cinemas Market Square, Re-Reading, The Dandies)
  • Donate sci-fi items (art, books, games, etc.) and gift cards to use as raffle prizes at the July 6th show
  • Play board games with us at the Pop-up Game Cafe on Sunday, June 12th at 115 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor (1 pm – 5:30 pm, $5 per person)
  • The July 6th Holodeck Follies will go all-night with an extended variety lineup and fundraising elements. More details in a separate post.

Please spread the word by talking us up offline in Toronto and Winnipeg and online by social media.

Laugh Long and Tour!