Holodeck Follies – Captain’s Epilogue – Run-on Sentience (S4E4)

Season 4, Episode 4: Run-on Sentience
Captain Field’s Log, stardate April 6, 2016.

Toronto, thank you for supporting a night of live comedy!

Gavin Stephens had a great set, mixed with jokes and riffing with the audience. He got people laughing and sharing geekdom but was firmly in control as the master of ceremonies.

Paul Ash unleashed Montreal’s BattleCOM on Toronto with a stellar group of comedians ready to battle:
Mark Little, Gavin Stephens, Adrian Cronk, Jimmy Cassidy, Jason Ox, and Velvet Duke.

I had the audience vote on my side through most of the competition (though Paul may have skewed it since I was producing the night) but Mark Little was hands-down the audience favourite with his dedication to Elsa’s super power.

I know Paul wants to bring the format back to Toronto soon so watch for it.

Our Star Trek set was a blast. The crew of the USS Albatross had diplomatic relations with fuchsia turtles, omnipotent ooze, the Genesis planet, time loops and lots of singing! Every character got their moments to play, to be teased and to tease, to sing, and to shine.

Our set was recorded so I will share that when it is ready. Thanks to Moniquea Marion for the recording and the sage words.

End Communication

On June 1st, Holodeck Follies is back at The Social Capital Theatre for another silly Star Trek story and some of our favourite variety acts.

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

p.s. 33% of the audience reserved their tickets online. That percentage will only go up. Be part of the Federation (of entertained audience members) and get your ticket today. https://holodeck-follies.eventbrite.ca