2 Live Crew Of The USS Albatross

Whoa mama! The Dandies are back for another Holodeck Follies. Get ready to laugh long and prosper as they are recording their improvised (and often musical) Star Trek set to help submit for future conventions.

As always, the USS Albatross crew complement is: T’pi/Albatross (Andie Wells), Captain Field (Velvet Duke), Chief Security Guy (Alan Leightizer), Lt. Zach (Zachary Mealia), and Admiral Jason Zinger (Musical Director).

This month they are joined by Acting Ensign Weasley Pincher Chris Casselman, and Ensigns Andrew Haggith and Jamillah Ross.

After this episode, the crew will get some much needed shore leave! We are taking May off and then returning for in time for the summer and convention season.


Tonight, 8 pm sharp
Advance Tickets: https://holodeck-follies.eventbrite.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1008400382612849/

The Social Capital Theatre
154 Danforth Ave, 2nd floor

Laugh Long And Prosper!