Save The Date: BattleCOM is coming to Holodeck Follies (April 6)

This Monday, The Sampler returns to Social Capital. Definitely come out and cheer for your favourite from among the fine array of talent competing.

Now, I’m bursting to share news about next month’s Holodeck Follies.

On April 6th, Holodeck Follies returns to the Social Capital with a special treat. The Dandies will play host to Paul Ash and his comedy format, BattleCOM. We are pleased to welcome BattleCOM, a successful show produced monthly in Montreal and Ottawa, to Toronto for the first time!

Toronto audiences have likely seen RappBattlez, the Rivas brothers’ popular format, but this is how BattleCOM treats character competition:

BattleCOMBattleCOM is part stand-up, part improv, part game show and part theatre. It’s like the rap battle from the film “8 Mile” but only if the characters from “The Big Bang Theory” were battling, with a dash of “Let’s Make a Deal” thrown in.

It’s exciting, fast paced and has audience interaction. Basically it’s a nerdy blast.

Stand-up comedian Gavin Stephens, our friend and past guest of Holodeck Follies (on multiple occasions), will host the evening. He introduced us earlier to Paul earlier this year, so it will be a nice reunion for him as well.

The Dandies will then spend the second half of the 90-minute show, performing their improvised (and often musical) Star Trek set, continuing the tale of the USS Albatross and its continuing mission to Laugh Long and Prosper.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 6th, 8 p.m.
Location: The Social Capital Theatre, Toronto (154 Danforth Ave., 3rd floor)
Tickets: $10. Visit our Ticket Booth for advance purchase tickets. Bar opens at 7:30 p.m.