Happy International Women’s Day!

Ladies of Star Trek - Erik A. Evenson
Ladies of Star Trek – Erik A. Evenson

Over the last four years, we’ve had the pleasure of playing with and watching many talented performers. Not all were versed in Star Trek but they all boldly took the challenge, to the cheers of the crowd.

Musicians: Karyn Ellis, High Heels Lo Fi, Ingrid & Steve, Chelsea P. Manders, Kari Maaren, Cynthia Gould, Dana Jean Phoenix, Elizabeth Rose Morriss, Leslie and Debs, Kristen Fung, CarolynT, Kristina Alexis, Candice SandDebsandErrol**, Copy Red Leader**, Caleigh LeGrand, Petra Breiner & Nicole Bauman, This World In Colour

Stand-up Comedy: Zabrina Chevannes**, Brie Watson, Kat LetwinRush Zilla, Hoodo HersiRachelle Elie, Daphney Joseph, Vanessa Dangerstorm

Sketch Comedy Troupes: The Weaker Vessels, Two Weird Ladies, Rulers of the Universe, Lil Ras’Gals, Gutter Snakes, Heather & Brie, Flo & Joan

Improv Comedy Troupes and Trekprov: KERL’s Star Trek Wreck**, The Sufferettes, POMPJamilah Ross, Brie Watson, Tracy RowlandCoko & Daphney, Kayleigh Robertson, Dana Jean Phoenix, Marci De, Taz Collins

And our pilot Musical Director, those many years ago, was Jordan Armstrong!

** Multiple appearances.


Your talent inspires us to laugh long and prosper. Happy International Women’s Day!