S4E2 – Captain’s Epilogue – Archonquistadors

Season 4, Episode 2: Archonquistadors
Captain Field’s Log, stardate February 3, 2015.

It was a great night packed with laughs and stacked with talent!

We had a blast telling another silly Star Trek tale. Kudos to each crew member for having their moment!

Chief Security Guy Guyson’s prevarication is tested when the Romulans return to destroy the USS Albatross.

Through trial and tribulation, the crew manages to diffuse the feared fluffy bomb and save the crippled ship.

Front of House: Thanks to Maegan for not only managing the audience as they came in but also for bringing candy for everyone! Hope those conversation hearts were (not) about our improvised finale song.

Host: Brie Watson rocked the show as host. She kept the energy moving and shared some great jokes. See her next as part of duo sketch troupe The Utiladors.

Music: Elizabeth Rose Morriss successfully won over the hearts of everyone present with her musical theatre songs. Her finale about Nog the Starfleet Ensign was her very successful first attempt as a lyricist. See her next at the end of February in Shadowpath Theatre Production’s Plays in Cafes.

Stand-up comedy: Aisha Brown probably had the moment of the night with her Anxiety Hawk routine but the crowd also enjoyed her rap songs and Trekkie and non-Trekkie jokes. See her next as co-host of Hard Day Comedy.

End Transmission.

On March 2nd, Holodeck Follies is back at The Social Capital Theatre for another silly Star Trek story and some of our favourite variety acts.

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

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