Performer Profile – Brie Watson

Brie Watson has been a friend since we met at Comedy Bar’s Festival of New Formats a few years ago and a fan of Holodeck Follies shortly thereafter.

When we first met, I knew more about her stand-up and sketch than improv side but we have since jammed and taken classes together. And it has been a pleasure performing with this powerhouse comedian.

I asked Brie to host the February show for five reasons:
– Brie is a top-notch host
– I want her to do more stand-up
– It gives Holodeck Follies another form of diversity
– I know she knows the show and loves the format
– Because I am losing my memory, I invite too many people onstage. Rather than exclude anyone, or sit out myself, it is a way to stay inclusive. And that is the heart of Star Trek — at least the way we do it!

Brie Watson, comedian

Brie is a busy performer with shows at each of the main comedy venues in Toronto.

She is a member of the improv duo Exit, Pursued by a Bear, with improv partner Gillian English. Brie also hosts and produces the monthly “Guess Who’s Coming to Improv?” at Comedy Bar and is the creator of the new show “What If?” featured at Comedy Bar’s Festival of New Formats. She is a regular on popular Toronto show “Beerprov. She is also one half of the sketch comedy duo “Utilidors” along with Second City Conservatory graduate David Lahti. (Read more)

But tomorrow night, she’ll engage the audience at warp factor fun.

February 3rd, 8 p.m.
The Social Capital Theatre (154 Danforth Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto)
$10 at the door, $8 via EventBrite (use promo code: LLAP)

You don’t want to miss it!