Black History Month Performer Profiles – Redux

In February I am going to start adding more performer profiles, mostly for my own edification.

Check out this casual analysis (from 2001) that someone created on Species / Race / Gender / Ethnicity Breakdown Among Star Trek Cast Members.

I analyzed the ethnic, gender, and species makeup of Star Trek cast members just out of interest. This isn’t an attempt to make any kind of statement. I find it interesting, but I don’t care either way. I don’t think there needs to be “more” of any group or “less” of any group. If the characters and stories are interesting and the shows are well made, that’s what is important.

Unfortunately this comment falls in line with the longstanding argument that people should accept the stories as told. Fortunately, that argument is falling by the wayside for two reasons: increased awareness of the positive impact of inclusion and capitalism. The people who own the stories are seeing that they can make more money worldwide by using representation.

There are six characters played by black actors: Sisko, Geordi La Forge, Travis Mayweather, Tuvok, Uhura, and Worf. (Should these actors be called African-Americans? Levar Burton, who played Geordi, was born in Germany. Uhura’s character was African, not American.)

Excepting Travis Mayweather (I haven’t watched Enterprise yet), I have already written about the actors behind the characters:

Past Black History Month Performer Profiles:

Michael Dorn | Nichelle Nichols | LeVar Burton | Avery Brooks | Tim Russ

The analysis purposefully leaves out the non-main characters. So that gives me a place to start.