The Dandies: 2015 Year In Review

Every year WordPress provides an annual statistics report. Facebook and Instagram reviews also seem arbitrary so I merged concepts into this long post.

Holodeck Follies
I produced 10 episodes of Holodeck Follies, acting in the 30 to 45 minute improv sets and finding/booking/promoting the 22 variety acts that joined us.

I got the show included in two popular conventions — Ad Astra and Fan Expo Toronto.

I added people to the cast to augment our core crew while keeping the quality and format consistent.

It felt like I didn’t perform that much in 2015 but that is empirically false. I performed in 38 shows, averaging just over three shows a month, or as Andie pointed out, typically I performed once a week.

That includes Holodeck Follies, guesting at special one-off improv shows like the Bad Dog Theatre All-Star Alumni TheatreSports show, and regular monthly shows like BeerProv, White Rhino Comedy, Lip-Schtick, Perfect Match, Battle Silhouettes, JokeBox Live, and Jammin On The One.

It doesn’t include the student shows, coached by Ken Hall,that I did at Social Capital Theatre.

Other Troupes and Formats
While I retired from my musical troupe Special Features, I plan to do more solo improv singing in 2016. I also retired our Close Shave fundraiser show but tried a new self-improvement show format called Tough Love, and The Sampler, as well as a new pickup improv troupe Sassyparilla.

I hosted ten movie previews (and openings) for Rainbow Cinemas Market Square and was the master of ceremonies for Stage Select Gaming Expo. I hope to do even more in 2016.

We also had a chance to give tickets away to other events, like the orchestrated Star Trek (2009) movie at the Sony Centre.

Real Life
Andie and I got married! It was a dandy wedding thank-you-very-much, and the planning therein distracted us for a few months. I don’t post on this site, as much as other places, about how much our relationship matters to me. Without Andie there to support my journey, 2015 would have been a much more difficult time as I try to unshackle myself from anxiety. I am looking forward to our honeymoon in 2016 as a chance to unplug again.


2016 Focus
In 2016 I will work on:
– Separating the production role from the performing role. I’ve already started down this path but will need to remain diligent in not carrying the full weight of a successful show.

– Keeping Holodeck Follies a very diverse show. 2015 was less successful than 2014 to that end, but it can be remedied easily. I also want to tour the improv portion of the show, to conventions and around Southern Ontario.

– Being satisfied performing to broader audiences versus performing more often. January already challenges that goal but with other planned life goals, that will balance out.