Holodeck Follies – Save the date: January 6, 2016

The Dandies return to The Social Capital Theatre

Season Four, Episode One: Nowhere Near Utopia

Holodeck Follies, the 90 minute variety show kicks off its fourth season with the second-part of the cliffhanger story from December:

The crew of the USS Albatross saved Federation planets from Romulan attacks. With too much dilithium in their cargo hold, and too little shielding, they were forced to be creative but became a force to be feared. It was too simple to man the torpedoes, so they torpedoed their best man!

Will this next year be Hell? Will they return to the shipyards for yet another ship? No one can say, but right now they are
Nowhere near utopia!

As with every show, The Dandies improvise each silly Star Trek episode based upon audience suggestions.


January 6, 2016 (Toronto)

Holodeck Follies will open with sketch comedy from Gutter Snakes (Ben Ball, Cassie Barradas, Lisa Gilroy, Jessica Perkins, and Callum Wratten) and stand-up from Brantford comedian Calwyn Shurgold.

Admission: $10 at the door. Discount tickets available via EventBrite.