Knock Knock – Who’s There? Me!

I am excited to be part of the December 19th Perfect Match show, performing the spoken word poem “Knock Knock” by Daniel Beaty:


Perfect Match is an improv comedy show where we bring the characters and the audience decides how they come together. The show has two parts.

  1. In the first part, eight improvisers will perform scripted character monologues. They might be from plays, movies, TV, or famous speeches. Whatever they are, they will let you meet and get a feel for the character.
  2. In second part, the audience will decide which characters from the first round they’d like to see perform improvised scenes together.

I tend not to memorize pieces (the most recent one is this monologue from Sisko – DS9) but this spoken word is powerful and healing. Will you come cheer me on?
December 19th 8 pm – 9:30 pm | $5
The Social Capital
154 Danforth Ave, Upstage (3rd floor)