I’m not dead yet!

Compared to previous years, I’ve been relatively quiet since the beginning of the month. Close Shave 4: Star Trek Masquerade, my annual Movember Canada benefit show will be upon us.

I am burned out from producing (creating/organizing/promoting/audience wrangling/paying) small-audience shows. I am tired of how little control I have over the growth of the show — but getting over that feeling is a Sisyphean task. I hope the malaise clears in ten days as Halloween is my favourite time of year and I have some fun things planned for the evening.

Today, my self-confidence is all like:

My #zombie #swag

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Andie and I binge-watched Steven Universe and Over the Garden Wall. Highly recommended and there are similarities between the protagonists of those two shows.

Here is an unrelated crossover to tie it back to #StarTrek

Over the wall #tng crossover

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Monthy Python: “I’m not dead yet!”