S3E9 Captain’s Epilogue – Horta Culture Class

Season 3, Episode 9: Horta Culture Class

Captain Field’s Log, stardate October 8, 2015.


Last night’s episode was oozing with Star Trek references as the crew of the USS Albatross had to contend with sickness, an answer-giving Horta (sorta), and the crew trying to curry favour with the Captain.



T’Pi (Andie Wells) contracted the Myridian typhoid flu, leaving the Captain (Dale Wells) to ponder trading the ship for the cure. Ensign Patty Cake (Deanna Palazzo) feeling ever invisible volunteered to be the trading pawn to save T’Pi but future-born Ensign Lou (Maddox Campbell) gave a foretelling of the galactic doom faced if she did. A Horta (Taz Collins) was aboard the ship, but seemed harmless — likely the result of being a former pet rock transformed by the ever-eager Acting-Ensign Wesley Pincher (Chris Casselman).  At the last moment, Dr. Meridian (Brie Watson), not related, used science to cure T’Pi. Pincher volunteered to be sacrificed and rode the Myridian into the night — off toward the second star on the right. Chief O’Mallory (Alan Leightizer) was there all night to beam people where no one had beamed them before!

The non-Trekkie portion of the night was also an enjoyable adventure.

  • Flo & Joan (Nicola & Rosie Dempsey) sang wonderfully cheeky songs about coming to Canada for love and how to fit big things into small things. Also, thanks again to Nicola for joining us as musical director for our improv sets!
  • Mayce Galoni peppered his funny stand-up set with new and true material. Ask him about #freethenipple and watch him twitch
  • Thanks to Melanie Thompson for making and donating the Horta costume!

Thanks again to both groups and to our loyal fans whose laughter keeps the USS Albatross flying.

End Transmission.

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