Holodeck Follies – Captain’s Epilogue – August Of Wind (s3e7)

August 5 (S3E7): August of Wind

Captain Field’s Log

What a show! Another full house of Trekkies and friends were present for a killer show. Thanks to Geektropolis for filming the show for our upcoming geek profile!

If you captured the show (image or video) please tag us on social media. We would love to see it!

August Wind

While Ensign Pattycake stepped up to lead the missile delivery to the Veridian system, Jennifer and Tachyon headed out to Quadra-8 to rescue Ensign Enson Zach. Neither mission went as planned but there were plenty of laughs along the way.

Here are some highlights:

  • The subspace message from Enson Zach (currently in Vancouver)
  • The Ensign names (Sarah – Bootscootinbooty, Maddox – Lou Tennet, Tracy – Like Whatever, Brie – 5W – Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How)
  • Missile recipient (Soran) was confused for another similiar sounding antagonist (Sauron) and so ignored
  • The 13-armed monster made up of audience red shirts
  • The redshirt deaths and maiming
  • Whiz kid, Cadet Weezly Pincher, finally felt he fit in with the rag tag crew
  • The Andorian Slave dance and song thwarted the kidnapping of Zach by Species 8472
  • Jennifer chasing redshirt-towel clad Whatever around the ship a la Benny Hill
  • Ensign 5W’s demotion under (and forced to sit under) Guyson
  • Federation regulations and rules were broken left and right, resulting in a ship-wide cleansing (murder)

The USS Albatross will be refitted at Utopia Planitia and crew re-assignments to be considered. Stay tuned for more details.


These short snippets are teasers of what you missed from four diverse and entertaining acts.

Daphney Joseph

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This World In Colour

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Parker & Seville

Leslie and Debs

End Transmission

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

Laugh Long and Prosper

Holodeck Follies (Sept. 2nd, 2015) will feature more silly Star Trek and great variety comedy. You won’t want to miss it!