Holodeck Follies – Captain’s Epilogue – Rubix Q (S3E6)

June 3rd (S3E6): Rubix Q

Captain Field’s Log, stardate June 4, 2015.
Holodeck Follies June 2015Holodeck Follies: Rubix Q
We had a blast creating silly Star Trek adventures even though the USS Albatross didn’t survive the trip! It was a delight to get in trouble with our special guest Ensigns (Mark Andrada, Chris Casselman, Michael Kellett, and Jason Donovan).

  • I made Jason Zinger play his own Happy Birthday tune as the crowd sang to him
  • Sketch comedians Lil Ras’Gals were a promised delight kicking off the variety portion of the show!
  • Kari Maaren‘s songs had the crowd cheering, even her finale song where she teased them for loving Trek (she does not.)
  • Stand-up comedian Andrew Young returned after a year away from live shows, in fine form.

The Holodeck Follies episode was taped for inclusion in a future project by Geekhard Show (Andrew Young, James Green). I will let you know when that goes to air.

End Transmission

“[T]his improvisational comedy show will delight Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.”John K. Kirk

Laugh Long and Prosper

Holodeck Follies (Aug 5th, 2015) will feature more silly Star Trek and great variety comedy. You won’t want to miss it!